Carltonware Vert Royale Luster Vase

This vase is called Vert Royale and is so marked on the base. We think the pattern is called “Heron and Tree,” but we are open to correction. It is a type of vase that was popularized by Carltonware and is called “Art Deco” by collectors. This beautiful vase measures 5 1/4 inches tall (about 13 cm) is of the small/medium size designation. It is in excellent condition with no damage. There are marks from both the gilder and the enameler on the base along with the factory mark.  The Factory mark on the bottom of the vase was first used about 1925 and subsequently discontinued about 1968. We are unable to make out the impressed mark.

Theodore Haviland Limoges Sandoz Frogs
Limoges frog

Here are two exhaustively signed Sandoz Frogs shakers with the original cork and wood stoppers. These were made originally for the Theodore Haviland Limoges Company.  There is a green frog and a dark pink frog.  They were originally shakers and could still be used as such. Both are in mint condition. 

Limoges Monkey Mug
Monkey mug

This is an excellent “Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil” item. It is unusual because it is artist-signed on a Limoges body. We believe that the mark is from the Vulturey Freres (1887-1904), but we are not certain.  The mug is 5 1/8 inches tall with a figural monkey handle. It is signed “Roberts” along the line that is the midpoint and factory signed on the base. It is in excellent condition.

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